It has always been one of my greatest joys to invest time with volunteers and potential leaders within our ministry. So, during the month of May we will be developing the next group of leaders in ministry, which is truly exciting. This forms part of my personal mandate and adds great value to the amazing leadership engine we already have working in-house.

We have recently launched a platform called “The Leadership Engine” which has become the driving force in ensuring the ministry works more efficiently. My role is to equip and prepare you for this platform, which will increase your capacity and ability as a leader, both in ministry and the marketplace.

When two of Jesus’ disciples asked to become great in the kingdom, He did not rebuke them for asking for greatness, but rather He rebuked them for wanting to use the world’s methods to become great. In the kingdom there are principles, that when applied makes us great. As a ministry we are determined to unveil those principles so that you can fulfill your destiny in His kingdom.

It is for this very purpose we have designed a powerful and life-changing course called “The Making Of A King”. Our case study during this course will be king David. We follow his life and see how he progressed from being a humble shepherd boy to the greatest king Israel ever had. The journey and challenges he faced were quite remarkable and left clues to his success. His life clearly reveals God’s way of preparing everyone for greatness in His kingdom.

Having a dream does not mean you are fulfilling destiny. Some people carry a dream in their heart all their lives but never make decisions to fulfill it. Others simply don’t know where to start. This course is the start that gives insight into the heart of God for everyone desiring to make an impact for His kingdom. Never forget that “Decisions Decide Destiny”.

Choose to invest in your destiny this season, make the decision to activate the greatness God has placed inside of you!

Join us for the Making of a king course every Wednesday for three weeks only, starting on the 25th of May @7pm @The Campus. We will be hosting a graduation ceremony as part of our Sunday service on the 12th of June.

You can register online or simply email us at and there is NO cost for this course.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Love Pastor Max

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