Kingdom Life Embassy’s Connect Groups are groups of fifteen or so people that meet in convenient locations all across Johannesburg and is geared to create the environment where you can learn about God, study His Word, grow in your faith, meet new people, make great friends and have loads of FUN!

How often will my Connect Group meet?

Don’t worry; Connect Groups aren’t designed to eat up your schedule. Groups meet for 80 to 100 minutes once a week each term. Depending on which Group you choose, your Group will meet for 8 to 12 weeks. That means you only meet 12 times over a period of just over three months. Short term commitment that yields long term results in your life

What will the people be like at my Group?

Look around at a Sunday service. A Connect Group is basically 15 to 20 people who get together once a week to discuss the topic you have chosen.

How can I be sure that there is a Connect Group for me?

Convenient locations matter, so Groups are offered all over the city, and sometimes even further. Once you sign up, the Group Leader will contact you with the specific address of the Group’s meeting place. A variety of Groups allows you to choose your topic to study, along with those who share life experiences similar to yours. There are General Connect Groups, Gender Specific Groups, Age Specific Groups, Professional Groups, Family Groups, Couples Groups, in short a Connect Group for anyone!

What will my Connect Group study?

Connect Groups study a variety of books and topics that are intended to help you grow in your faith and in your understanding of the Bible. Details of the books and topics that each Group will be studying will be posted on this website and published in brochures that are handed out at our Sunday services during our registration/sign up periods which can be anywhere between 4-6 weeks before Connect Groups start each term.

Who will lead my Connect Group?

Your Connect Group leader is a regular person just like you that attends and serves at Kingdom Life Embassy!

When can I sign up for the next Connect Group?

Our connect group sign ups have currently not begun. Term 1 of our connect groups for 2016 starts on the 22nd of February. Sign ups begin on the 10th of January 2016 so make sure you visit this page then.

How do I sign up for a Connect Group?

You can sign up online at this website or at the Connect Group table at any Sunday service during the dates noted above. Every group has limited capacity and once a group fills up, signups for that group close. Sign up early not to miss out.