Dr Maxwell and Zena Holland

Message from Pastor Max

“A Time To Build and To Plant.
This Campus is the place of promise for Kingdom Life Embassy.
The plans for The Campus have finally been drawn and we’re determined that This City will be reached for the Kingdom of God.

This is the birthing place of visions and dreams. Where your life will be raised and positioned to make an impact for the Kingdom. We have launched our “150 Sundays” Campaign, starting May 2015 to March 2018 to accomplish our mandates.

Building The Campus, Reaching The City and Changing Our Culture. I want to personally invite you to join us on this journey to accomplish this Vision to impact our generation. Make your life count for eternity. Give of your time, talent and treasure and together let us Honor The King and Advance His Kingdom.”

Building our CAMPUS

Our Campus will not only be the home of Kingdom Life’s church but will also house additional facilities that will ensure we are able to fully equip everyone to fulfill their purpose in God’s Kingdom.

Our facilities will include:

  • Administration Offices
  • Conference Facilities
  • Chef School
  • Life Cafe
  • Business Incubation Centre
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Fitness Centre
  • Theatre

Reaching our CITY

A church should never be confined to a building!
Our focus is to effectively train and develop our people to be equipped to bring change into our city.

Our City Goals:

  • Servant Evangelism: Distribute 100 000 invite cards in our surrounding community
  • Baptize 5000 new converts
  • Entrepreneurial Development within our Communities
  • 4Change Global Exchange Program

 Changing our CULTURE

The culture of any organisation is more important than its vision. A Kingdom Culture is a place where everyone is welcome and accepted. It is the soil upon which we are positioned for greatness. It’s where we discover our purpose and maximize our lives for the King.

Being surrounded by meaningful relationships that foster loving families. Building thriving communities that impact our world for eternity.


A Church of Connect Groups


Ubiquity (The Same Thing Everywhere)


Living in the Power of Systems


Maximizing your Time, Talent & Treasure


Upgrading Every Life. (Training, Teaching, Mentoring)


Building Relationships


Expanding the Kingdom Of God

How to get involved

Reaching the goals of the 150 Sundays Project will only be the result of a collective effort.  We believe every member and partner of Kingdom Life has the ability to contribute in one way or another.


The more people we have investing their time into this project the greater the momentum. If you are able to volunteer your time in service or prayer please contact us using the details below.


Various gifts and skills are needed to fulfill the scope of this project and your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Email us and let us know how you can add value with your talent.


Financial contributions as well as various resources are welcome. To supply various materials please email us the detail thereof. For financial contributions please see banking details below.

Every contribution is valuable and is greatly appreciated.
FNB, Cheque Acc, 62108681075, 255955, Ref: 150 (Cell Number in BRACKETS)
011 793 1170 and

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